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  1. Westciv Template Competition

    3 Nov 2004

    Westciv have just announced the results of their CSS template competition. While my entry didn’t take out any of the three categories it was entered in (‘no-images’, ‘print’ and ‘handheld’) it did score me a free copy of their Style Master software! I knew I should have bought John a drink after the WSG meeting [...]

  2. Global White Space Reset

    19 Oct 2004

    The simple technique of resetting all margins and padding that I mentioned almost a fortnight ago has recently created far more discussion than any previous journal entry. After reading some differing opinions via the original post’s comments, email and the WSG list I think it would be appropriate to take a closer look and cover these points in some detail.

  3. L.J. ver.1.5 – Tinkering with WordPress

    13 Oct 2004

    Ever since this site launched there have been elements of my Wordpress setup that I haven’t been happy with. The most notable being:

    • Most pages had to scroll far too much to show the content, especially the home page.
    • Every post required an excerpt, making quick posts difficult – not to mention the fear of filling the home page with non-design posts.

    Yesterday I realised that I had been approaching these problems all wrong; over complication of simple goals had taken control. Today I fixed the problems.

  4. CSS Negotiation and a Sanity Saving Shortcut

    7 Oct 2004

    A recent discussion with my friend Jay got me thinking about something – most CSS/XHTML related articles and tutorials are very specialised; they only give you a detailed look at one part of the picture and then it’s up to you to put the pieces together. This isn’t always a good thing though, as it is left to the individual to experiment in search of combinations that not only work, but also allow relative freedom in future development.

    I would prefer for this to be a massive investigation with all sorts of graphs and demonstrations, but there’s no way I can find the time for something like that. Instead, I offer a walk through of how I start every new CSS styled site and my preferences for CSS hacks negotiation.

  5. Responsible Design – Form Styling

    31 Aug 2004

    There have been many great articles about styling forms with CSS, so there’s no point in me discussing that any further. There is one aspect of form styling that sometimes gets lost in the rush — the ‘why’.

  6. The Mandatory ‘Hire Me’ Post

    17 Aug 2004

    Do you, or someone you know, need a pixel-pushing, code-punching, every minute-of-it-loving, standards focused designer in the Brisbane area? Great! I happen to have one spare.