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  1. Gecko 1.8: Bye-bye printed float bug!

    29 Mar 2005

    From Gecko 1.8 For Web Developers: Columns (via: Anne): In particular some huge issues involving floats breaking across columns have been fixed. Since we use the same code for page layout as for columns, this also means a lot of problems with printing (and print previewing) pages with floats have been fixed Hopefully this means [...]

  2. The Acid Test Challenge

    17 Mar 2005

    By now you’ve probably read this elsewhere — Opera have challenged MS to a CSS comformance duel. The old acid test was first passed by IE mac, yet somehow I have my doubts that IE will take the title this time ‘round.

  3. A CSS Presentation? Me?

    8 Feb 2005

    Lea and Gary are going to kill me for leaving it this late, but here goes… Wednesday, 9th of February (tomorrow!!!), I’m giving a presentation to the Brisbane Web Standards Group entitled ‘Site in an Hour — Making Complex CSS Layouts’. If you’re in the area, why don’t you come along? I’d really like to [...]

  4. Quoting Tables; a Question of Semantics

    7 Jan 2005

    Real world scenario: A penguin walks into a bar… Hang on, wrong meeting.
    Ok, here’s the deal: Consider the following HTML snippets, each containing a table of data that has been quoted from an earlier publication. The only difference is how the source is referenced. Is there one that stands above the others? Why?

  5. Westciv Template Competition

    3 Nov 2004

    Westciv have just announced the results of their CSS template competition. While my entry didn’t take out any of the three categories it was entered in (‘no-images’, ‘print’ and ‘handheld’) it did score me a free copy of their Style Master software! I knew I should have bought John a drink after the WSG meeting [...]

  6. Global White Space Reset

    19 Oct 2004

    The simple technique of resetting all margins and padding that I mentioned almost a fortnight ago has recently created far more discussion than any previous journal entry. After reading some differing opinions via the original post’s comments, email and the WSG list I think it would be appropriate to take a closer look and cover these points in some detail.