Greasemonkey Script: Basecamp Comment Controls

27 May 2005

What’s this all about?

Basecamp Comment Controls is a little Greasemonkey script I threw together a couple of nights back. I’m posting it here in the hope others will find it as useful as I do.

Features (version 0.1)

  • Adds ‘Docking’ toggle to comment form. Docked position is top right
  • Adds textarea resizing functions, including cookie-style storage of preferred height
  • Nicer textarea font
  • Auto-scroll to comment form’s position

Future Additions

  • Clean up the rushed script
  • Make a version for Opera 8
  • Textile formatting toolbar

Download Basecamp Comment Controls

Please offer suggestions/reports regarding any bugs you find or suggested additions.

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  1. Brady J. Frey:

    Worked like a charm in Firefox for Mac:) Great addition Andrew… trying to keep me further and further away from safari, eh?:)

  2. Manuela:

    Works great on my Mac. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Andrew:

    Good to know, thanks guys :)

    Brady: Mwuuhahahaaa.. yes.

  4. ben buchanan:

    Make a version for Opera 8

    you’re just doing that so i can’t bitch when i find out it doesn’t work in opera ;)

  5. Patrick Haney:

    For some reason the script isn’t installing for me. I’m running Firefox 1.0.4 on Windows XP Pro with Greasemonkey 0.3.3, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

    With the same setup in OS X, everything worked fine.

    Anyone else get it working on the Windows side?

  6. Andrew:

    That’s the same setup I use at work and it works fine for me :|
    Where is the install process going wrong?

  7. Patrick Haney:


    I right click the link and choose “Install User Script.” The Download Manager pops up quickly and then disappears and I get the Install User Script window which looks fine. Then I click OK and reload the page as requested. I still don’t see the dock controls in any Basecamp site though.

    Like I said, it works fine on OS X for me.

  8. Andrew:

    ? :| :| :| ?
    You’ve got mail.

  9. Nick Caldwell:

    Here I go, trying to get people in PEA interested in Basecamp and you’ve already gone and written a bloody Greasemonkey script for it! Grumble grumble kids of today grumble grumble.

  10. thomas:

    doesn’t work if you use ssl-encryption (https – available in plus and premium accounts for basecamp). if I switch to unencrypted mode, it works fine.

    but the ssl-encryption is mandatory for us – any ideas for this?

  11. thomas:

    stupid me ;)

    the solution for the problem with encrypted pages is of course to add e.g. https://** to the list of allowed pages.

    works fine now!!

  12. Andrew:

    Glad it came together for you Thomas ;)
    I’ve got a brand new version of this script that includes JS textile preview and a few other niceties (such as graphic interface elements) waiting to be tweaked and released. Once I’ve unpacked after this weekend’s house move I will finish it off and post it up.

  13. alex:

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  14. John:

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