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  1. One of Those Days…

    30 Oct 2004

    Late Thursday night, my housemates and I returned home to discover a horrid stench. Upon inspection of the backyard we were confronted by what could only be described as a flood of waste water and human excrement, caused by the roots of a large eucalypt tree in the adjacent (council-owned) property.
    Fan-bloody-tastic. My yard was covered in the neighbourhood’s sewerage.

  2. Running OSX on XP?

    24 Oct 2004

    Are you using a PowerPC emulator to run OSX on top of XP? If so, I want to hear about it.

  3. 50,000 Pages Served

    21 Oct 2004

    I came home to find this waiting for me in shortstat If you know why that makes me happy, you’re a nerd too

  4. Global White Space Reset

    19 Oct 2004

    The simple technique of resetting all margins and padding that I mentioned almost a fortnight ago has recently created far more discussion than any previous journal entry. After reading some differing opinions via the original post’s comments, email and the WSG list I think it would be appropriate to take a closer look and cover these points in some detail.

  5. L.J. ver.1.5 – Tinkering with WordPress

    13 Oct 2004

    Ever since this site launched there have been elements of my Wordpress setup that I haven’t been happy with. The most notable being:

    • Most pages had to scroll far too much to show the content, especially the home page.
    • Every post required an excerpt, making quick posts difficult – not to mention the fear of filling the home page with non-design posts.

    Yesterday I realised that I had been approaching these problems all wrong; over complication of simple goals had taken control. Today I fixed the problems.

  6. CSS Negotiation and a Sanity Saving Shortcut

    7 Oct 2004

    A recent discussion with my friend Jay got me thinking about something – most CSS/XHTML related articles and tutorials are very specialised; they only give you a detailed look at one part of the picture and then it’s up to you to put the pieces together. This isn’t always a good thing though, as it is left to the individual to experiment in search of combinations that not only work, but also allow relative freedom in future development.

    I would prefer for this to be a massive investigation with all sorts of graphs and demonstrations, but there’s no way I can find the time for something like that. Instead, I offer a walk through of how I start every new CSS styled site and my preferences for CSS hacks negotiation.