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On the internet.
Way less like Tron than you expected? Me too.

  1. Salesforce.com eats Heroku; Excretes Indigestible Press Release

    9 Dec 2010

    I realise being a Hater 2.0 is so very 2006, but when I read Salesforce.com’s Heroku acquisition press release this morning it blew my tiny little mind all over my cereal. What on Earth? I love a bit of Leveraging Enterprise Buzzword Linguistic Synergies™, but even on my best day I couldn’t hope to achieve [...]

  2. It seemed so obvious

    18 Oct 2010

    The zen moment is in the acceptance and enjoyment of the variation that is life, not in the attempt to achieve or maintain an ideal.

  3. SitePoint Raising Funds for Bushfire Victims

    11 Feb 2009

    You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that Victoria (where I live) has been decimated by bush fires in the past week. The worst natural disaster in Australia’s recorded history. Such events spark a feeling of shock, horror and utter helplessness in me. So many deaths, so much destruction, and it’s [...]

  4. New Project Added – “The Big Amp”

    26 Jan 2009

    If I wait until finishing this one before adding it to The Lab I may never get around to it, so here it is – KT[XX] – The Big Amp.

  5. Back From The Dead

    19 Jan 2009

    After almost 2 years without activity this site has received a facelift and some new direction.

  6. Pump up the (web) Jams!

    3 Mar 2007

    Whilst I sit here, slightly intoxicated, as Lachlan attempts to explain Open ID to Cameron and wondering why the tequila bottle is empty, it seems a good a time as any to post a little something about the twisted adventure that was WebJam 2. Also, Cam needs Baileys, someone send the man some milk-based liquor.